The cobbler has shoes! Finally!

After years of using the plain-jane but wonderful Thematic default theme for my personal site, I’ve finally gotten around to designing a theme of my very own. Its a child theme of Thematic like all my sites these days. The colors are from the Tango icons color palette. It was drawn in Inkscape and Gimp. […]

Emoticons are *gulp* useful

Hard to admit because they’re so cheesey, but emoticons are useful.  Ever want to say something pithy in an email without sounding curt? Emoticon smiley to the rescue! See, its really easy to mistake someone’s tone in an email, particularly a short one.  So save a couple of exclamations points (I feel dirty for some […]

Columns of text should not be flexible

There are examples of flexible layouts that work, but they do not have flexible columns of text, they have static width columns that move when the window is resized.  So when the window is wide, the content fills in that space, when the window is narrow, the page gets long and narrow.  These sites are […]