Imagemagick: use montage to proof images

The following command will create an image called montage.png that is a collection of all the .png files in the current directory. Images larger than 150px on a side will be resized, but aspect ratio is preserved. The images are separated by a 2px offset. $ montage *.png -geometry 150×150\>+2+2 montage.png

Tile images in Imagemagick to create CSS sprites

The Magick This will stack two images to create a CSS sprite. Very handy for flicker-free image rollovers: $ montage -background transparent -tile 1×2 -geometry +0+2 image1.gif image2.gif result.gif You could create a taller or wider stack by adjusting the -tile option. For example -tile 2×10 would stack 2 images across and 10 images down. […]