Tile images in Imagemagick to create CSS sprites

The Magick This will stack two images to create a CSS sprite. Very handy for flicker-free image rollovers: $ montage -background transparent -tile 1×2 -geometry +0+2 image1.gif image2.gif result.gif You could create a taller or wider stack by adjusting the -tile option. For example -tile 2×10 would stack 2 images across and 10 images down. […]

FTOB: CSS width property does exactly what you would expect it to

Originally posted on 10/19/08 at http://likesalmon.wordpress.com The other day I was laying out a wordpress driven site in css and realized that I didn’t actually understand how the “width” property works. This was extremely embarrassing to admit to myself, because it means I’ve been flubbing and cheating my way through the layout of every website […]