Browser testing with cloned virtual machines

I’ve tried browser testing seven ways to Sunday and it has always proven to be the biggest pain in the ass. Until recently, I had a separate computer running Windows XP (bought and paid for), which in turn ran two or three “Microsoft Windows Compatibility Images” (Windows virtual machines that Microsoft distributes free for web […]

As if I needed one more reason to hate Microsoft…

Microsoft has now made it impossible to test their stupid browsers with IE Application Compatibility VPC Images on anything but their crappy Virtual PC running on a Windows machine: Ooooohhhh the hate. I hope Bill Gates gets the hugest hemroid in the world for this. I hope it explodes all over his wife’s face.

Dark PNGs in Safari

For whatever reason, sometimes the transparent parts of PNGs appear darker in Safari than in other browsers.  You can fix it by removing all the color correction metadata from the images with pngcrush: pngcrush -rem gAMA -rem cHRM -rem iCCP -rem sRGB InputFile.png OutputFile.png pngcrush is a command line tool that optimizes (read: makes smaller) […]