Use Font Awesome on Yeoman AngularJS Projects

By default, the bootstrap-sass package uses a glyphicons png file for icons. This is a limited set of icons and I usually need more. Here’s how: The 4.x.x Way Updated 11/08/2013 Bootstrap your project: $ yo angular myApp Install Font Awesome: $ bower install font-awesome –save Add Bootstrap to the top of main.scss @import “bootstrap-sass/lib/bootstrap”; […]

Install Latest Unstable AngularJS Using Bower

By default, Yeoman’s Generator Angular├é┬ásets up your app to install the stable version of AngularJS and it’s dependencies. But if you want the latest and greatest you have to use one of the many separate repos that nice people have created to store the unstable branches. Here’s a working bower.js file that fetches AngularJS version […]

Enable e2e Testing with Yeoman Generator Angular

The speed of development on all these tools is going so fast that this post is bound to be obsolete by the time I’m done typing, but end-to-end testing in AngularJS is too important to ignore. I want it now! And this how I got it: 1. Create a /test/e2e/ directory I’m running two separate […]