Ammon Morris is a full-stack web developer. He spends most of his days building bespoke websites for a wide variety of clients, mostly in the LAMP stack, and managing hosting for a large and growing collection of web properties.

He’s in love with JavaScript, so whenever a client needs a web-based tool he jumps at the chance to stretch his NodeJS, AngularJS, and NoSQL muscles. Among its many benefits, MEAN stack development has given him the opportunity to get comfortable with unit testing and to apply BDD principles, a long-term personal goal. He has several production Node/Angular projects chugging away right now, plus a couple side-projects in the hopper so he can experiment with new code patterns and technologies.

Ammon is a big fan of version control and automation, so whenever he finds tools like Git, SASS, Gulp, Bower, and CSS frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap he helps integrate them into his company’s workflow. Ammon digs design and information architecture, so he’s basically building interfaces in his head every time he sees a set of data. Lately, he’s been tinkering with PhoneGap and is very excited to integrate some of his existing REST APIs with all of the mobile apps he’s about to build.

In his spare time Ammon plays futsal (Brazillian indoor soccer), goes fly-fishing, bakes artisan bread, and reads about space.

You can find out more about what Ammon is up to by visiting hisĀ LinkedIn profile. He is on GitHub as Likesalmon.